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ECC Less than Full Truck Load

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Experts in part loads: Standard or Express shipments

  • Own offices throughout Europe
  • Daily departures and arrivals
  • Range of equipment: from express vans up to our fleet of 3000 Mega Huckepack trailers
  • JIT/JIS transport between production plants and dedicated transport solutions
  • Full CMR insurance cover plus additional insurance options
  • Single point of contact responsible for your shipments throughout
  • Lead Logistics Provider (LLP) to manage your entire logistics flow and achieve significant cost savings
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LTL: An extensive network responding to your
logistics requirements

Our part load LTL service covers Europe from one parcel to large palletised loads.

A range of vehicles from vans to our Mega trailers combine to provide a complete LTL network door to door – all under the direct control of Ewals Cargo Care.

Our team of experienced transport planners expertly combine loads and truck capacity to maximise efficiency and minimise costs. Combination of loads direct to the delivery point avoids unnecessary handling and allows faster delivery.

LTL service – part load transport – across Europe


Transport by car, van, pick-ups
and 3 – 3.8 tonne trucks

From anywhere to everywhere in Europe in the shortest possible time. For direct shipments to and from your customers and suppliers, Ewals Cargo Care can provide the ideal vehicle to suit your requirements.

  • Answer to every logistics challenge
  • Creative solutions
  • Extensive European network

Ewals Cargo Care - Your logistics partner

Ewals Cargo Care, as a logistics partner, has been working on a flexible, efficient and long-term transport solutions since 1906.

Ewals Cargo Care is your partner for any logistics solution: road, rail, sea or air and complete supply chain management.


International express shipments

With advanced notice of an express shipment, we can provide competitive pricing by combining express shipments together on one vehicle

Pokud budeme mít informace ohledně urgentní přepravy dostatečně dopředu, jsme schopni nabídnout i nižší dokládkovou cenu za expresní přepravu.

  • Express shipments from 0.3 to 1.5 tons
  • Express shipments from 1.5 to 24 tons
  • Combination of road and air transport

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